London Washing Machine Engineer Reviews

washing machine engineer reviews

The ultimate, unbiased, guide, to choosing the best washing machine repair engineers and companies in London.

London with its population of just under 9 million leaves no doubt that there are thousands of washing machines being serviced daily.

With literally hundreds of companies to choose from it's often difficult to know who you should spend your time with.

So here at First Serve UK, we decided to help our fellow residents of London to make the best choice based on Google's criteria to uncover the top 5 washing machine engineers in the capital.

How we choose our top 5 London washing machine repair companies:

  • We ensured our smartphone was incognito, had no cookies, and our location was switched off.
  • We used washing machine repairs in London as the keywords.
  • We used Google's keywords that came up from each customer's comments in the top 5 respective businesses in London.

Here are Google's own criteria:

  • Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality,
  • Value, Professional, Job,
  • Call Diagnosis, Engineer,
  • Company, Washing machine, Oven,
  • Leaking, Communication,
  • Costs, Responsiveness, Dishwasher,
  • Efficient, Job,
  • Morning, Fridge, Clean,
  • The phone, Honest, Money,
  • Tradesman, Fee, Reviews,
  • Washing machine, Oven, Pleasure, Happy.

Here is First Serve UK'S Washing Machine Repairs Criteria:

  • Efficient at listening to problems (Are they efficient at listening and asking the right questions)
  • Transparent (Do they disclose all of the cost upfront)
  • Engineers know what they’re doing (Are the engineers knowledgeable and experienced)
  • Punctuality (Do they show up at the time they have been booked)
  • Friendly (Were the engineers polite and courteous)
  • Quick turnaround (Between the initial visit and the complete repair, how quick are they)
  • Straightforward (Do they complicate matters using technobabble)
  • Honest (Make an effort to complete the job in one visit in the shortest time)
  • Excellent service (Provide a quality all-round service. Really good value for money)
  • Highly recommend (Customers are happy to tell others about their experience)
  • Extremely helpful (Do they have any aftercare service)

🏆 1. Washing Machine Repairs London

Washing Machine Repairs London


Quality 71

Responsiveness 68

Punctuality 67

Value 67

Professional 30

Job 8

Call 8

Diagnosed 7

Engineer 5

Company 5


🥈 2. Exclusive Repairs South London

Exclusive Repairs South London


Washing machine 32

Job 18

Professional 13

Punctuality 11

Oven 10

Engineer 7

Leaking 6

Communication 5

Costs 5

Diagnosis 5


🥉 3. Kitchen Appliances Solutions

Kitchen Appliances Solutions


Punctuality 40

Responsiveness 40

Oven 19

Dishwasher 14

Efficient 14

Professional 13

Job 11

Morning 8

Fridge 6

Clean 5


4. London Washing Machine Repairs

London Washing Machine Repairs


Professional 27

The phone 25

Diagnosed 17

Honest 14

Money 12

Efficient 10

Tradesman 6

Fee 6

Engineer 5

Reviews 5


5. All Appliance Repairs

All Appliance Repairs


Punctuality 40

Washing machine 22

Professional 16

Job 15

Efficient 13

Oven 12

Communication 7

Pleasure 5

Happy 5


FSUK - Overall Review Score Table

  1. Washing Machine Repairs London - 336 points
  2. Exclusive repairs South London - 170 points
  3. Kitchen Appliances Solutions - 135 points
  4. London Washing Machine Repairs - 127 points
  5. All Appliance Repairs - 112 points

As we can see from the scores above there are a number of different factors that will make a company rank no.1. Reviews alone are not enough , rather it’s the customer experience that becomes the crucial and decisive factor. How the company interacts with the client and executes repairs is key.

Some clients may disagree with us, whilst others agree. We want you to be able to make the best decision when it comes to getting your appliance repaired.

Our aim is to be truthful, honest and transparent when it comes to the domestic appliance repair industry.

Please check out the Google listings for yourself. Use the same search terms or others that might match your location and see who ranks no.1

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