Washing Machine Repairs

Washing Machine Deep Clean

London Washing Machine Repairs

All washing machine repairs are undertaken by qualified and professional engineers.

Electrical diagnostics, fault finding, washing machine function testing, are carried out on all repairs.

We repair/replace wiring, change on/off switches, replace electric filters, fit door interlocks, test and fit water valves, test and fit pressure switches, test wash heaters and thermostats, as well as fit them. We also unblock pumps, fit and/or repair them.

Did you know there are 6 main reasons that can cause a washing machine not to drain? Our Engineers know where they are and how to fix them. We repair and/or fit motors, as well as fit motor brushes.

We also fit belts and pulley wheels known as “spiders”. We also repair broken washing machine door handles and washing machine doors.

Washing Machine Steam Clean

Our Washing Machine Steam Clean includes: steam cleaning the soapbox, door seal, drum and pump filter.

The steam powered into the drum and connected parts of the machine is 140° degrees, at this temperature the steam kills pathogens, bacteria, fungi, mould, viruses, leaving your machine smelling clean, fresh and free of bacteria.