Eight Great Ways To Prevent Your Washing Machine From Smelling

8 Ways To Prevent Your Washing Machine From Smelling

From time to time our washing machine smells awful, and quite often they make our clothes smell awful too. Mold and fungi cause unpleasant smells, even when you’ve purchased a brand new washing machine. In this article, we’re going to give you 8 tips so you’ll not only understand the reasons behind a stinky washing…

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Washing Machine Is Not Draining Properly

My Washing Machine Is Not Draining Properly

There are usually two reasons why your machine not draining water.  Either you have a broken pump or there is some sort of blockage. Check the 7 points below. Check the pump Start with the easiest thing. Listen to your machine during a wash cycle. If you can’t hear the pump, it’s either blocked or…

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My Washing Machine Smells Bad, What Should I do?

My Machine Smells Bad

The whole purpose of having a washing machine is that it removes dirt and bad smells from your clothes and fabrics. Unfortunately, machines can often become the source of foul smells which isn’t good for your clothes.   Mould In The Detergent Drawer?  Clean The Detergent Drawer  Stale and encrusted detergent can build up in a…

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Washing Machine Repairs - Faults & Fixes

My Washing Machine Won’t Power On

Having a machine that doesn’t seem to turn on doesn’t mean you need to fork out more money to get a replacement. In many instances, it may be a simple problem requiring a simple fix.  Possible cause 1 – Receiving no power Trouble-shooting Check home power box / fuse board  Maybe your machine is not…

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Help! My Washing Machine Is Not Spinning.

Trouble-Shooting: My Washing Machine Is Not Spinning

The spinning motion of your machine is vital for your fabrics if they are to be cleaned. They cannot just sit in soapy water and come out clean.  Common reasons your machine may not spin include: It being overloaded A faulty door locking mechanism It is in the middle of a cycle It may be…

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