8 Ways To Get Your Whites, Whiter than White!

8 Ways To Get Your Whites, Whiter than White

Doing the laundry is an important part of today's life so investing in a good washing machine is crucial, and buying quality clothing that lasts is just as important, but both can be ruined if you do your laundry incorrectly.

1 - Separate your white clothing from your colour clothing

I know this is obvious but occasionally some people will mix their colours with whites unwittingly whilst being in a hurry. Mixed colour washes can literally ruin your clothing.


2 - Use the pre-wash programme

The prewash setting on your washing machine is an extra wash programme, it is equivalent to soaking your clothes in a bucket or basin overnight. It gets rid of any heavy dirt or soil on your clothing.


3 - Hotter temperature settings for whitewashes

Some washing powder manufacturers pitch their customers on becoming energy conscious by washing their clothes at lower temperatures. Whilst this sounds like a fantastic notion, it really is not!


Why? Washes carried out at hotter temperatures such as 60 degrees as opposed to 30, will take away grease, dirt, and assist the soap powder to dissolve easier and soften the clothes better. Hardly anybody washes their dirty greasy dishes in cold water; neither do they use tepid water in dishwashers or in the catering industries to clean their wares! So why should you wash your clothes in lower temperature water?


4 - Quality brand soap Powder

Top-quality washes largely depend on the type of soap powder you use. I know the supermarket brands are cheap, and "save you money", but these less costly brands do not contain the correct number of chemicals in them, and for anyone who is also living inside a hard water region they do not include the chemicals to handle the limescale that is naturally in the water. Having a clean washing machine without limescale will not only improve the quality of your whitewashes but will also give you a more hygienic washing machine to wash your clothes in. Limescale and bacteria can build up in your washing machine over time so if you notice white marks or limescale built up in your washing machine or on the door seal, book a steam clean service with us and we’ll steam clean your machine.


The other issue with using cheap soap powder is at times you might have to rewash your laundry more than once to get the results you are accustomed to, so you end up losing the savings you made buying cheap. To get your whites whiter, use top-quality brand soap powder.


5 - Clean the soap dispenser and soapbox regularly

Cleaning the soap dispenser and soapbox regularly gets rid of excess washing powder or fabric conditioner that is trapped there.


The mixture left for some time can turn into a cake-like substance that can become mouldy, and definitely have an effect on the quality of your white clothes.


6 - Use a balanced load mix wash

Resist the urge to get more laundry done in a shorter space of time by stuffing your drum to the top with laundry.


Your clothes won't wash properly and won't be able to remove any stains on them. There is also the risk of soap powder being left on the clothing that contains bleach, which can burn small children's skin, or anyone with thin skin and also can affect people who suffer from allergic reactions.


7 - Check your pockets

Often you may find there's rust or black marks on your clothing. This can be a mystery to both customers and engineers.


A rusty nail or safety pin may be trapped inside the drum or sump hose, this may leave marks on your laundry and ruin your whites for sure. Please ensure that you check your pockets beforehand. If you see any black or rust marks on your clothes, book an appointment with us.


8 - Clean the door seal

Every person likes their kitchen to be neat and tidy, so when you've completed your wash, what do you do? You shut the door close, and possibly give the machine a wipe down. Unwittingly by closing the door the moisture inside cannot escape. And with bacteria and fungi particles in the air, mixed with any trapped dirt in the drum; the machine starts to smell. In addition to that, a black slimy mould and gunge may start building up on your door seal. If this happens to your machine, book a steam clean service with us right away.


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