7 Reasons to Buy Miele Washing Machines

7 Reasons to Buy Miele Washing Machines

The oldest machine I ever worked on was a 45-year-old Miele washing machine that was owned by my customer; a mother who had used that machine whilst having and bringing up all her children. Her children are all fully grown adults now but her youngest daughter was still living with her. The daughter pleaded with her mother to let her buy a new washing machine for the home, but my customer insisted that First Serve UK repair her Miele washing machine no matter the cost.

We ordered a new pump, a new sump hose from Miele, and we sent off the program to be re-soldered by a technician on eBay.

I remember sending an engineer to fit the newly repaired program. It was not soldered correctly so the engineer took it upon himself to correct the work done by the technician and he managed to get the program working again!

Unlike the next oldest machine I worked on after the above-aged Miele washing machine, which was a 36-year-old AEG, another German brand washing machine; the replacement parts were obsolete so the customer had to have it replaced with a new one.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Cheaper Washing Machines Are Not As Good As Miele Washing Machines

1. The cost of a replacement modern program or motors are very expensive

I have seen brand new machines break down after 13 months, one month after the manufacturer's warranty had run out.

The worst scenario is a control facia board that can cost £113 to £160 to buy for example, plus labour costs.

A washing machine can cost as little as £200 to buy, you can be sure that the user is going to seriously consider dumping it and buying a new replacement!

2. Miele washing machines were built to be sturdier, stronger and more reliable in the past.

Customers get duped into buying the same brand based on the performance of their previous machine which they enjoyed for many years.

At one time second-hand washing machines used to sell at £250!

A new one was £500 to £600 and used to last 10 to 15 years.

3. The solder used in a Miele washing machine programme modules are a lot thicker and heavier

The solder used in a Miele washing machine programme modules are a lot thicker and heavier than what is used on the cheaper brands, consequently, the life of machines today is a lot shorter than Miele washing machines, the life of Miele washing machines are a lot longer, by 3-to-1.

4. Unlike other washing machine manufacturers, Miele motors are made in Germany.

They are strong and reliable and hardly ever break down.
Other manufacturers used to have their motors manufactured in the UK or other parts of Europe, but now parts are copied and made in China. This main electrical component, the motor, can sometimes cost the same as buying a cheap new washing machine.

5. The other interesting thing is, the older Miele washing machines are a lot better than the modern ones.

The spin speeds are not as fast, the drums are not as big, and they
don't look as good as the new ones do. The drum bearings are a lot stronger and made to last, the out drum is stainless steel and not plastic, so the drum shaft does not suffer from wear and tear like cheaper machines that use plastic drums.

6. Do not upgrade your old Miele washing machine for a new machine

Don't buy machines with WiFi, or too many complicated digital functions. The more functions a machine has the more bugs it will have in the digital program module, and the more reasons there are for something to go wrong.

7. We recommend that you repair your Miele washing machine why?

They are built to last anywhere between 10 and 15 years for the cheapest models, and the more expensive models will last up to 45 years. Miele washing machines are in the majority of consumers’ price reach, and they are still more superior than the other washing machines on the market, moreover, they are highly recommended by The Which Magazine.


If you have an older Miele washing machine and you’re experiencing minor problems with it, do not throw it out for something new.

As a nation, we have a responsibility to our environment. We have created a problem due to so many new machines breaking down early on and having to be replaced. Landfill sites are bursting to full capacity, plus a lot of waste sites produce harmful gases that damage our health and the environment.

However, the responsibility for the customer is a choice between aesthetics and outer beauty or usage, reliability, long life and doing your bit for the environment.

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