7 Hot Household Appliances Tips

7 Hot Household Appliances Tips

Hi, It’s Ismael and Abdul-Azeez from First Serve UK Appliance Repairs.

I really do hope you enjoyed the last set of tips we sent you, please share with us your own set of tips and we promise to publish them on our website.

Here are another set of 7 Hot household appliances tips you can use straight away


Tip #1: FRIDGE

1# Separate your dry foods from wet ones

Keep dry foods, such as ready-to-eat foods, cheeses, cooked meats and sandwiches at the top of the fridge.



2# Avoid stuffing your washing machine drum

Avoid stuffing your washing machine drum full of clothes, your washing machine is not a suitcase!
Overloading the drum damages the drum, the bearings and the motor, plus some dirt, sweat, grease, and fluid remain on your clothing after the wash.



3# Loosen your laundry before loading the tumble dryer

Loosen your laundry before loading the tumble dryer. When just-washed clothes come out of the washing machines, they can sometimes be wound into a tight ball. And if you load your dryer like this, you’re likely to end up with elongated drying times and poorly dried clothes when the buzzer sounds.


Tip #4: BOILER

4# Annual Boiler Servicing

To keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible, arranging a boiler service with your plumber every 12 months should be your first course of action.

This will consist of a range of maintenance services to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that your boiler is still safe.

Having it fully checked and maintained will mean that you are far less likely to find yourself taking a cold shower because your boiler broke down unexpectedly!


Tip #5: OVEN

5# Slide Your Oven Out and Clean Underneath and Behind It.

Slide Your Oven Out and Clean Underneath and Behind It. Your oven requires a bit of space to allow air to flow around it. While it was likely installed this way, over time that could change. Crumbs, debris, and all sorts of things can find their way underneath the oven, on either side and behind it. This can disrupt the flow of air and, in some instances, create a fire hazard.



6# Use Fewer Dishes

Using fewer dishes and utensils over the course of the day means doing fewer loads in the dishwasher, saving energy, water, and detergent



7# Steam clean your washing machine

Steam cleaning your washing machine drum and connected parts of the machine at 140° degrees, kills all pathogens, bacteria, fungi, mould, and viruses, leaving your machine fresh and clean.


I hope you found those tips useful. We are interested if you have any tips of your own you would like to share.

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