Six Things That Will Definitely Damage Your Washing Machine

Six Things That Will Definitely Damage Your Washing Machine

In today's modern society there are many appliances and machines that we can do without, not everybody drives, and there's less of a necessity to own a TV because we have computers, tablets, iPads, and mobile phones.
Except the washing machine.

It is a vital time saving device that saves us from labour intensive work, saving us from an awful amount of stress pressure, unnecessary expense and inconvenience.

That being the case, I would like to highlight 6 things that we should avoid doing, so we can keep it working for us for as long as possible.

1. Remove The Transit Bolts From A New Machine

If you decide to install your brand new washing machine yourself, check to see if the transit bolts have been removed.
The transit bolts are there in the back of the washing machine to prevent the insides from jumping up and down whilst the machine is on a van or a lorry.

Without the bolts removal before use however, the machine will bounce up and down, move from its place across the kitchen sometimes, breaking the drum, the bearings, the program, and the top electronic facia board as well as cracking or breaking the soap dispenser box.
Often the customer will complain that the washing machine has flooded the kitchen floor.

2. Don’t Overload The Machine

Overloading a washing machine can increase the likelihood of ruining and tearing your clothes, as well as not getting your clothes washed properly. To prevent this don’t load your machine with more than two thirds of the drum’s capacity.

A king-size duvet is definitely too large for an average washing machine, once filled with water you'll find that you'll easily go over the 8 kg limit for that machine, and if you continually overload the machine with laundry, this will break the bearings and the drum shaft.
It may be better that you buy a 9kg to 12 kg machine, or take your duvet or laundry to the dry cleaners or get them to pick them up and drop them off for you at your home.

3. Avoid Blocking The Soap Box/Dispenser

Water can leak if not flood from the soap dispenser for the following reasons:

- The bedding of the soap dispenser housing is caked up with washing powder underneath the soap box .

This soap causes the trough in the soap dispenser housing to be the same level as the front ridge of the washing machine, as a result water breaches the ridge and pours down the front of the washing machine.

- The soap dispenser hose is blocked with hardened soap powder, water is unable to enter the drum so travels back up to the soap dispenser, fills it and pours down the front of the washing machine.

The fabric conditioner dispenser is blocked up with soap, or hardened fabric conditioner.
The fabric conditioner dispenser works by a siphoning system.
When water is sprayed in the dispenser the fabric conditioner is diluted and is sucked up and out to the back bottom of the dispenser.
If the dispenser unit is blocked, water will fill up to the top and pour down the front of the washing machine.

Continual leaking can cause water to reach the program, and seriously damage the washing machine.

4. Don't Put Trainers Into The Machine

Trainers and running shoes in your washing machine can both damage your running shoes as well as damage the washing machine.
The constant tumbling and knocking at the sides of the drum can ruin the bearings, and now a bearing change is not just the cost of the bearings but it now costs a whole drum plus labour charges, this far outweighs the price of a pair of trainers.

5. Level Up Your Washing Machine If It Is Unbalanced

A machine that is not on level ground vibrates and makes excessive noise on the final spin. Simply adjust the height of the rubber feet on the front two corners of the machine, until the machine is firmly balanced and not rocking.
Excessive prolonged rocking and vibration can cause drum damage, spring and suspension leg damage, as well as do damage to the soap box dispenser.

6. Balance Your Laundry Avoid Washing Towels, Sheets, Duvet Covers Altogether

Definitely avoid washing towels, sheets, or duvet covers altogether.
Why? Because when these types of laundry are grouped together, they roll up into a ball, like a medicine ball, that causes the machine to jump up and down, and damage the drum and internal parts of the machine.

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