My Washing Machine Won’t Power On

My Washing Machine Won't Switch On! What Should I check?

Having a machine that doesn’t seem to turn on doesn’t mean you need to fork out more money to get a replacement. In many instances, it may be a simple problem requiring a simple fix. 

Possible cause 1 – Receiving no power


Check home power box / fuse board 

  • Maybe your machine is not getting power. Check to see if your fuse board has been tripped off. This is a box with a number of switches that are used to turn electricity on and off in different areas of your home.  
  • You’ll need to verify if any switches have tripped off. If they have, the problem could be a faulty toaster, kettle, light or some other household device / appliance that has caused it to trip.  
  • Flip the required switched back to on and see if your machine turns back on. If it does, it is likely that one of your devices is causing it to trip. If you’ve eliminated other items being the cause, it is likely your machine has a problem with an internal component which is causing your home circuit board to trip.

At this juncture we suggest you call us washing machine repair experts.

Possible cause 2 – Problem with washing machine switch


Check washing machine socket switch  

If a circuit breaker switch hasn’t been tripped and your washing machine socket light isn’t “red” the issue may be the washing machine switch. The washing machine socket is a dedicated socket found in your kitchen, often with a red light on it. If you suspect it is the washing machine socket, you’ll need to turn off the switch supplying electricity to the socket, and arrange for an electrician to replace, repair or troubleshoot the issue behind the non-functional socket.  

Possible cause 3 – lid switch / door lock system issue 


Check switch / door locking assembly 

  • Machines have what are known as a door lock assembly. Part of this is comprised of a is a small plastic component which when activated keeps the door  locked. As a safety mechanism, most machines won’t operate their wash programmes with an open door, as the switch/lock also ensures a functioning circuit; in other words, an open door is a broken circuit.  
  • Verify if the plastic component that keeps the door locked is in working order and properly positioned. These can become worn through use over time, e.g. ongoing opening and closing. They can also become damaged if someone tries to force open the door when it is locked, or if it melts due to overheating as a result of problems behind the circuitry behind the locking mechanism. 
  • Replacement door locks can be found online. Make sure that the part you order is the correct door lock for the make and model of your particular washing machine. 

Possible cause 4 – damaged motor! 


Allow the motor to cool 

  • Your washing machine may not turn on if its motor has overheated. This is a safety mechanism that protects the device by shutting it down and allowing it to cool before it can be restarted. If this happens frequently due to constant overheating there may be a problem with the motor. If you suspect this is the case, please call us.