My Washing Machine Is Not Draining Properly

Washing Machine Is Not Draining Properly

There are usually two reasons why your machine not draining water. 

Either you have a broken pump or there is some sort of blockage. Check the 7 points below.

Check the pump

  • Start with the easiest thing. Listen to your machine during a wash cycle. If you can't hear the pump, it’s either blocked or something's wrong with it and it may have to be replaced.
  • To remove the pump (found at the front of the machine bottom left, where the filter is) first remove the filter  and ensure all water is removed from the machine. You’ll then need to remove the machine’s panel. We suggest you calling a washing machine repair expert to deal with this.
  • If you hear the pump but water remains in the machine, the cause of water not being drained is likely due to a blockage.

Check for and clear blockages

  • If you followed the steps above and suspect the machine isn’t draining due to a blockage put down some towels to soak up the water that will leak out. Check the pump filter, which will be somewhere at the bottom of the machine and remove anything that may be causing a blockage.
  • If there is nothing stuck in the pump filter the next step is checking the drain hose. This will be attached via a spigot to the U-bend under the sink. Take off the hose by unscrewing it. Water will gush out so position it over bucket, a container or a sink. Remove anything that you find blocking the U-bend or the hose.
  • If there are no blockages look at the pump to see if anything may be stuck or wrapped around it, e.g. a piece of material.
  • If none of the above steps works you may need to replace your pump or there may be an issue with the machines electric circuit.

Call in a washing machine repair expert if you suspect circuitry problems!!