My Machine Smells Bad – What Could Be The Problem?

My Washing Machine Smells Bad How Can I Fix It

The whole purpose of having a washing machine is that it removes dirt and bad smells from your clothes and fabrics. Unfortunately, machines can often become the source of foul smells which isn’t good for your clothes.

Mould In The Detergent Drawer? 

Clean The Detergent Drawer

Stale and encrusted detergent can build up in a machine’s detergent drawer. The solution is a simple case of sliding the drawer out and cleaning it with warm water and a stiff kitchen brush, paying particular attention to the small holes near the back of the drawer.

Dirty Door Seal?

Clean The Door Seal

The rubber seal around and in between the door and the machine’s drum may accumulate grime and mould. Inspect this area and wipe clean with a suitable cleansing agent.

Mould In The Machine Drum?

Clean Your Machine 

  • Your machine, like most things that clean other things, e.g. sponges, may simply need cleaning. The usual suspects are accumulated grime, stale detergent stuck in your machine, and mould. As such, you should clean your washing machine every month.
  • Consider using washing machine cleaning tablets on a periodical basis. These can be found in most supermarkets. However, before you do this, follow the manufactures advice in your machines instruction booklet as this will give you specific directions for keeping your machine clean, and will help prevent you from voiding your warranty if you were to mistakenly use the wrong washing machine cleaning product.

Water Not Draining? 

Check Filter and Hose For Blockages

  • Check to see if there is any water on the drum.
  • Inspect if there are any blockages in the filter or drain hose. You’ll usually find the filter somewhere near the bottom of your machine. Prepare by putting towels on the floor to soak any excess water that may spill out, then remove the filter. Slowly turn the filter head counterclockwise to prevent a torrent of water gushing out (which could happen if there is water in the machine and the door is locked.  Once the filter is out, remove any debris and put the filter back in.
  • Check the U-bend, but before doing this ensure you have something to contain any water that could be a gush out when you detach it from the U-bend under the sink. Have a bucket or large container handy, just in case.

As was the case with the filter, check the U-bend piping, and the hose for items that may be causing a blockage.