5 Pros and Cons When Buying A Washer Dryer

5 Pros and Cons of Washer Driers

Despite the lady at the laundry telling everyone washer dryers are no good because they always break down, there are some very good reasons why you should consider getting one.

Here's 5 Pros And Cons When Buying A Machine

Handy When You Have Limited Space

Washer- dryers are very handy to have when you have limited space In your kitchen. Where there is no space for a washing machine and a separate dryer, it's worth investing in a quality one.

Programme and Set Before The Wash

Set your wash and dryer programme at the beginning of the wash. Provided you have put the right amount of laundry in, it will continue non-stop till the clothes have dried, That’s the benefit is that you can set it and preoccupy yourself with something else if need be.

You Won't Be Able To Do This

You will not be able to put in another wash straight in after the first one. If you have selected the programme to dry straight afterwards. In contrast, having your washing machine and dryer separate. You can do a wash, take it out, stick it in the dryer, and then start another wash straight away whilst the first wash is drying.

Washer Driers Have Smaller Drums

Washer- dryers are not as efficient as when you have two separate machines. The drum is smaller because of the extra parts that makes up a washer-dryer. Like the heater, motor, fan, manifold, and the condenser unit. The heater is also smaller, so the clothes will need to stay in longer in order to dry properly.

More Things That Can Go Wrong

Maintenance cost and lifespan of the machine is higher. Many washer dryer components are used for both washing and drying cycles. The programme is in use for longer periods then normal. The drum bearings operate for both wash and dry cycles, as do the pump, motor, motor brushes, and belt. They are prone to breaking down sooner due to excessive wear and tear.


Overall if you have the space it will be better for you to buy your washing machine and dryer separately. It is far better in terms of energy, and time, as well as it brings more cost effectiveness due to lower maintenance costs.

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